Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

My name is Declan West. I am 11 years old and live and travel around the U.S. in a 17 foot van with my mom & my poodle Princess.

Last week I went to a campsite with no phone or internet reception. When my mom and I left we turned on the radio and found out who won the election. I was really upset. I know I have to respect the position but I feel like I can’t respect him. I told my mom, “He hasn’t done anything yet; it’s what he has said that scares me.” She suggested I write to you.

I watched the first presidential debate and Mr. Trump was very rude, he interrupted and interjected while Secretary Clinton was speaking. Going off of what I have heard, he thinks that LGBTQ folk and Mexicans are bad. My Popsie is an American of Mexican descent, so I am scared that he is going to get deported. I identify as queer and I hope I don’t have to pretend that I am straight.

Please do something, anything, to protect the people.

Besides those issues, please try and protect the national parks. I spent my birthday in August at the Grand Canyon and have visited many parks over the summer. I am a nature boy and I want to collect every junior ranger badge from every state and national park. Please don’t let Mr. Trump sell these national treasures off to rich people so they ruin them and replace them with things like oil rigs and resorts. They need to be left alone, not turned into something that we already have enough of.

I hope you get this letter in time otherwise it would be really awkward. Please take this letter into consideration and try to do something about my requests.

Sincerely, Declan aka Ducky