Day (30)

Driving around I find myself obsessively staring at racks. (No, not that kind. Really people.)

It seems that atop every vehicle I see, there is some sort of storage rack perched. Do I need one? I would prefer to get a pop-top for the eventual possibility of another adult tagging along at some point during our journey. (Yes, someone I already know. Not trying to recreate “The Hitcher” here.)

As our family GoFundMe campaign is currently gaining traction, I find myself focusing more on what type of vehicle we will be able to get. I nearly fell apart crying when I stumbled across a gorgeous black GM van, fully converted into a genius camper unit.

I am paying more attention to vehicles than I have in the past. Specifically things I would have previously ignored such as luxury campervans and well, storage racks.

(I am also clinging to the fantasy that someone is going to win the lottery and get us one of these:)

But you know with Air Conditioning. And in a slightly different color:
Like this. 

Realistically we am going to have to buy something used and clunky and make the best of it.

Ugly van.jpg
Hey, I could totally rock this thing! Some curtains, fresh coat of paint, napalm… Okay, well, at least it’s blue. 

We’re going to find a van soon. Right?