About Us

Hello! We are Buggy (mom) and Ducky (kid) a neurodivergent duo with a love of all things geeky. We are looking for the TARDIS, using the prime directive, and have our lightsabers ready. We also have board games with us at all times and will happily teach you how to play one of the many variants of Fluxx.

After a series of calamities forced us to abandon our poverty-posh lifestyle in sunny, but oh-so-expensive southern California, we decided to Take Action. After a couple of weeks of tears and recriminations, we decided our best option was live out of a 17foot van along with an aging poodle and at some points a large teenager.

Da fam van
This picture was taken before our journey began. Obviously.

Not entirely sure if we were manic at the time, but since we are both Bi-polar, it’s a strong possibility. We are also Autistic and love routine, familiarity and structure. So we are going to hit the road where every night there will be a new place to sleep, and a new sky to see and new roads to drive.


Luckily we also love to meet fresh faces, chew the fat with friends we haven’t yet met, and happy to explore spaces we are curious about. (As long as we have our touchstones. We kind of need those.)

So, buckle up, have a cuppa, and tell us all about yourself and where you come from. We can talk the bark off trees if you let us and are happy to share our marshmallows by the fire, just so long as they are free-trade, GMO and gluten free. (We are born and bred Californians after all.)

Our first leg in June will take us through the southwestern United States. After a brief stay back in California, we will then proceed through the south and up the eastern seaboard. After that, we will either return to California, or will have discovered a new home.


*A note about photographs/images we use for our site: Although we try to use “creative commons” what is found may not always actually be so. If you find your work on our site, please let me know immediately if you would like us to attribute, link or remove.