Summertime Rules

There are quite a few summer lists out there, most of which are geared towards neurotypical children with two parents living in homes with more than one room.

Needless to say these lists don’t work for us.

So after multiple meetings, discussions, and practice runs, here are our Summertime Rules:

The Givens.

Have you…

__ Gotten dressed with clean U’s?
__ Walked the dog?
__ Made your bed?
__ Brushed your teeth?
__ Combed your hair?
__ Washed your face/applied deodorant?
__ Had a complete breakfast?

The Creatives.

40 minutes of work earns 20 minutes of free time.
All of these need to be done in a day but you decide how & in what order!

20 minutes of creative time (coloring, programing, writing, ?)
20 minutes of reading (remember your “reading bank*!”)
20 minutes (each) Math, Grammar, programming, Spanish (10 minutes 2x a day), nature/science discovery.
20 minutes of outside time.
+ Chores as assigned.

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