Day 140

My parents living room floor looks like a packrat has strewn its nest across every square inch available. (So glad they are on their own road trip right now, up at Doc & Al’s because I’m pretty sure that we would be banned from ever visiting again.) My goal is to go through our accumulated junk, pack up our unnecessary summer clothing and prepare our Fall/Winter items. What I have discovered is that it is much harder for us to let go of all the little things we have collected over the past few months, even if we’ve never used them.

We have stickers, travel sized EVERYTHING, games, note cards, postcards that we intended to mail (but didn’t), swimwear, (including goggles,) small boxes that we have never opened (and are no longer sure what is in them,) what seems like 1400 packets of oatmeal, 28 t-shirts, (but only 4 pairs of shorts,) and about 100 “please just take this little thing I’m sure you have room for it” items from well-meaning friends and family.

I have a trash can on my left side, a box in front of me and a bag to my right. The trash can is the old-fashioned metal kind and everything that goes in makes a very satisfying “clang!” when I make a deposit. The box is for items we want to see again someday, but don’t need in the van. Or possibly ever. I’m not sure. The bag is for items that I’m quite-nearly-certain have homes in the rig, and if they don’t then I am bound and determined to make space for them. Somewhere.

After all the breakdowns from our summer journey (both ours and the van’s) our relationship with Asterix* feels a bit tenebrous- we love her and fear her at the same time. She is currently having a pedicure- her back brakes are being replaced by a local mobile mechanic. I have more or less accepted that she is a needy, high maintenance creature. Since I’ve been described many times as the same I suppose we pretty much deserve each other.

In spite of our relationship issues, I can’t wait to take her back out. Ducky is well beyond ready and his impatience has turned to preadolescent sulkiness.

It’s time to get back out there.

I can’t wait to share with you all what we have learned during our break. We’ve connected with other #vanlife folk, each with their own diverse stories and wonderful advice. We have discovered that our choices are as homeschoolers are near limitless and that for all my fears, Ducky has opportunities to soar. When telling our tale, we hear the good that has come out of our adventures and realize how much grace and beauty came with the intensity.  Our lives have opened up in so many new and exciting ways it’s hard to encompass all of the wonder and joy.

Today we are chomping at the bit and are looking forward to our first campsite where we are assured stars, campfires, and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Just a few more days now…



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