Day 48

Is this it?

Could our journey end so abruptly and catastrophically?

The van is not only dead in the water, she is dead in gas. Specifically, her tank has been lowered and ain’t going back up any time soon. There are two hoses there. Just two little hoses that are going to mean the difference between everything I want to do and everything I am able to do.

The parts are obsolete.

My online research hints towards there having been a recall.

The mechanic and I are touching base every 20 minutes researching everything from ordering from eBay to exploring very creative jerry-rigs.

Things feel dire and I’m losing my usual lead-penetrating optimism.

I love you #Texas but I don’t want to stay.

I have a plan and I’d like to stick to it.


3 thoughts on “Day 48”

  1. A Hail Mary play — Try hot rod supply houses. There are places specializing in hydraulic and other hoses. Hate like hell to go to 3D printing, but don’t rule it out.


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