Day 36


I am leaning up against my van, looking up at big white fluffy cotton-ball clouds.

There is a very confused rooster crowing, while the wind moves between being a stiff breeze to the run-after-your-hat-cursing kind.

There is green everywhere. Trees, fields, grass. It’s an astounding amount of color after what feels likes weeks of desert.

I am having an amazingly peaceful moment after what felt like a biblical trial of a day.

My windshield wiper blades have been repaired and replaced. Hector, the proprietor of the RV park we have landed at, is a former Texas law officer. I am decided that this might be why the local shop had my parts after hours AND personally delivered them.

Hector also does minor repairs on many of the RV’s that come through. We didn’t tackle the main engine issue, (though thanks to many of our Facebook readers, we have a pretty good idea of what the problem is,) however he was able to figure out the loose fuse that’s been leading to our lighting issues. Took him about two hours, only charged me for an hours worth of work.

My face is covered in the leftover grime of salt, sweat, tears and rain.

I smell.

I’m fairly certain a microbiologist would be interested in all the gunk under my nails.

Just a few hours ago, Ducky and I were sitting in hundred degree heat with a lazy bee flying in and out of the van. We were again dead in the water and wondering just what the hell we were doing out here.

A short while after that, we were driving through first a dust storm with zero visibility and then an actual tempest. Thunder, lighting, blinding rain. There was a strike 30 feet up that hit a telephone pole sending up sparks, and screams from yours truly.

The drivers side wiper was in tatters. The wind was so fierce I got muscle cramps in my arms and we were both fairly certain we were going to be blown off the road.

Due to the fact that we have also been having engine problems, every time we slowed down, we held our breath and begged our girl not to quit.

This anxiety about the van suddenly dying combined with the brand new fear of the storm created a singularity of terror.

Really glad to be through all that.

Grace, Hector’s wife, just sent Ducky off to bed with two pieces of chocolate cake. “One for now, one for breakfast.”

Princess has eaten, and in spite of bizarre weather has done her business outside.

The calm of this moment is making me drowsy.

Sleep beckons.

I heed the call while accompanied by the sounds of distant thunder. As Hector said before wishing us goodnight, “This storm ain’t done with us yet.”

Bring it.

2 thoughts on “Day 36”

  1. As I am sitting in front of my computer reading this I look out my window and see what was just a few minutes ago nice white clouds has turned to dark gray and the wind has increased from a nice breeze to a tree branch bending gale.


  2. Didn’t see the engine problem analysis. But I hope you get it sorted. One of my issues with any kind of RV it that they build them to the maximum of the drivetrain envelope. There are plenty of reasons to sacrifice 1 or 2 MPG for a less stressed engine/ trans/brake.


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