Day (8)

I thought that by moving into a 17ft van I would be forced to pare down on my hoarding tendencies. Instead my inner packrat continually encourages me to cram “just one more tiny thing” into a crevice that may only be imagined.

During our most recent packing day I discovered one of my friends is a organizer extraordinaire. She disappeared and ended up devoting three hours to “playing” in the van. We had to drag her out and make her eat at one point. She was able to visualize both where things can go and where they can go. She found nooks and crannys I hadn’t dreamed existed. Go, JW!

With this, the van is starting to feel potentially like a new home. A slightly haunted one. There is an element of terror created by how much I don’t know about “The Tank.” How do I use the stove? What the hell does the toilet require to work? Is there a generator? What do all these buttons do? Is this thing really a solar panel? How the heck do I make the bed?

Mix tape.png
Why didn’t I save any of my old Mix-Tapes?

I’m pretty sure the guy who sold us this thing has blocked my number. I’m not sure why since she’s actually running fine, and our mechanic has given the green light. I barely contacted “TK” after the sale except to let him know there might have been a problem with the gas tank. Turns out there wasn’t. When I went to excitedly tell him this, there was… Nothing. I also texted a couple of brief questions about the stove, the pilot chair, the bed, the generator, the camping gear I found… More nothing.

So, in spite of the dude’s reassurance that he would be available by phone, I appear to be on my own.

Part of me finds this invigorating. Part of me is horrified. The majority which is apparently overwhelmingly pragmatic is having a reaction of, “Let’s just hit the road and figure it out as we go.”

I don’t know which voice to listen to and at this point we have no time left to dilly-dally. We are in the final days.

I’m glad you are with me for the journey.


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