Day (15)

We could end up anywhere. This prospect would have frightened me before, but I now find it invigorating. I joke about not wanting to live in places with snow or tornadoes but I was born and raised in earthquake country- those other calamities at least have warnings. We never did.

 My thinking has been too narrow. It’s been go here, see this, stay on the path. But what if there is no path? No definite destination? It’s been all about the choices that have been offered and in that set mindset I haven’t remembered to stay open to the moment when that Seneca spoke of regarding preparation meeting opportunity. Lady Luck might very well be trying to hitch a ride while I barrel past her doing 55mph or whatever we will be rolling at. So this is my clarion call to keep my sight unfiltered and to look to the sides, not just straight ahead. 

Anywhere OE.jpg
Anywhere on earth.

What if that beguiling sidetrack leads to a small town in need of a writer? What if upon arriving in some gorgeous city we fall in love and find a way to make it work? What if we do discover a mountain view instead of ocean? Or a desert home instead of those? I know from my time here in Burbank that I love suburbs with creative types, am not a fan of huge sprawling cities, and need both epic green spaces and, well, WiFi.

I also know that Ducky and I are adaptable. When your brain works overtime at reassessing reality, learning to be flexible is going to make the difference between recovery and disaster. Since we both have this double edged gift, I believe that we are capable of weathering storms I can’t control with imagined foresight. Looking into the future is impossible. The only thing we can do is to leap bravely forward and build our wings on the way down.

We have only a handful of days left before we are truly going to go and live this. I refuse to say go and be “tested” because we really haven’t been yet. That’s going to happen in some dark campsite on some night when I am screaming and yelling and ready to give up. 

First we are going to Santa Barbara to draw up our road trip and finalize certain details with the family. That is stop one. 

Then we will see about the rest. 

This post is short and the following ones are likely to be as well. There are many moving threads that I am trying to weave together and my loom seems to be expanding daily. 

Thank you for being there, reading and providing support and encouragement. I can’t wait to begin the journey and take you all with me. 


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